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Website Development

With designed layout, structure and application we can start the actual development of your Website. Using HTML we will write the code to tell the browser how the content of your Web pages should be displayed on the screen.

This includes the positioning of all the elements, color, size, links to other pages, display of the form content, defining tables, frames, formatting text and more ...

What makes Web site development interesting is that the way in which the browsers, mobile devices, smart phones position the Web page content and display the font style and size, varies from one to another.
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Browsers made by this same manufacturer but in another version do not support this same functionality. The fact that there are also browsers made by same manufacturer but for different platforms (Windows, Mac, etc.) makes Web site development even more challenging

Server Side
Server side coding is more sophisticated than the client side and involves: processing form data, sending e-mail, navigating and manipulating database, creating on-fly pages, the list of possibilities is endless. Depending on the platform and the environment, different languages and technologies are used for server side development.

Client Side
For client side web site development we usually use JavaScript.
With JavaScript we create usually simple functions to enhance interaction with the visitor, for example: changing the way the page elements are displayed, pre validate data collected from the user before sending it elsewhere, shopping charts, Dynamic Html functions, date and time display etc... Basically with JavaScript we control the look of the page elements and their behavior.
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