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Monitoring search engine results, and adjusting your Website to get and maintain good listings is a continuous task. Looking for new key phrases and new ways to include them in your Web pages code and content will help you to be always a step ahead of your competition.

A Website IS NOT a static object, it evolves reflecting changes in your company or the way in which you conduct your business. It grows when the company extends its offered services, or increases the number of products. It becomes smaller when you decide that your company will narrow the field of company's expertise.
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Maintenance of your Website is performed based on different levels of simplicity and frequency of the changes required:

- Basic: Frequently resubmitting your Web pages to the search engines, checking that everything works the way it was intended to etc.

- Medium: Once in a while you might want to replace the old content with an updated version or simply remove old information, create new advertising animations, change the content of the marquees or banners, publish a weekly news letter etc.

- Main: You probably would add a completely new section because your company expanded to a new field, or redesign the entire Website because of dramatic changes to your business, etc.

Your project coordinator will be at your service to make any updates or modifications to the Website or database. Since this is the person who knows your project the best he or she will be your direct link to our company.

The quality of our product, clear lines of communication during the entire process of creating the Website and the way we provide follow-up services and professional advice, always leads to a long term relationship with our client.
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