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Website Deployment

The previous phase was completed on a testing server, where the Website was developed and pre-tested by Montreal 's web designers team. In the Web design phases, deployment of your Web pages requires the most patience and thoroughness. We will upload the entire structure of your Website on the working server and begin testing .

During this phase, the following tests are performed repeatedly by different web designers : testing paths, links, client side functions, correcting spelling in text content checking database connections, server side coding, viewing Web pages in different browsers on different platforms, etc.

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Search Engines
Our Web designers services include the submission of your Web pages to the search engines and indexes after all final corrections have been made and testing is completed. *** That is one of the most important steps, clients have to see what your company has to offer. You will reach more potential customers if your company's Website has a better ranking in the search results in your category.

When the publishing is done your company's presence on the World Wide Web is a fact. The amount of possibilities in conducting your business will be increased significantly. You have access to the worldwide market without borders or time limits. If you do not need worldwide audience because your business has a local character or range, you submit your Web pages to the local search engines and target new clientele with your message posted in your neighborhood 24 hours a day. It is then time to take advantage of another Web site design service we offer: maintenance.
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