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OUR GOAL well structured websites, with a solid and reliable programming base and then ( SEO Montreal department ) oversee the strategically important, well-placed positioning of your website on key search engine results pages .

We will not confuse you with technical jargon and we will explain entire design process in understandable terms.

This dictionary and FAQ are based on visitors questions.

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BUG - Mistake or small error which makes program behave not the way it was intended to.

CLIENT SIDE - It refers to actions happening on the client computer ( browser).

DEBUGGING - Removing bugs from the application (program) without adding new ones.

KEY WORD, KEY PHRASE - Word or combination of words which describe the best text content of your page. Used in metatags to help web spiders to classify your web page in the search engines.

LINK EXCHANGE - Strategy on how to get other sites to place link to your website on their web pages, to improve your link popularity it is important part of search engine optimization process.

LINK POPULARITY - The criteria used for some search engines (Google) to position your pages in the search engine results pages. It is based on the number of valuable sites connected to your website and less important how many of valuable websites is your site pointing to.

METATAGS - HTML tags defining document (web page) information like keywords, description, expiration date etc..

SERVER SIDE - Refers to practically everything what is happening on the web server.

SPAM - It is not very clearly defined by the search engines. Basically there are techniques used by webmasters to improve search result rankings such as illegal redirections, doorways, cloaking, placing invisible text containing keywords. You can get penalized or even banned from search engine for that.

WEB CRAWLERS - Please see Web Spider.

WEB SPIDER - Program designed to visit and read web pages to classify and sort them in the search engine. It visits your page and follows every link on the page, then takes another web page and repeats task until sees all the pages on your website. Then moves to the next one.

Question 1. Whom else do I have to contact to complete the process of web site design ?
Answer 1. You DO NOT have to call anyone else, we will take care of the entire process of web site design and development. We will publish and promote it on internet and we offer maintenance services.

Q 2. How long web site design process takes ?
A 2. It depends mostly on two factors: how complex and big the web site will be and how fast the client will supply us with the materials for the web page content. Medium size web site should not take longer than 6 to 8 weeks.

Q 3. Who owns the web site after is design ?

A 3. After you purchase the web site it is simply yours, and you will decide what to do to with it and who will take care of the web site maintenance. Q 4. Some companies have web site design templates, do you offer them as well ?
A 4. No, we do not have web site design templates, all our web sites and databases are custom made to reflect the corporation image and to exactly fit company's needs.

Q 5. Do you use one of those programs to automatically submit the web site to the search engines ?
A 5. No, first we optimize the web site for search engines and indexes then we submit them manually. Thoughtful submission of the web site to the right search engines in the right categories is most effective. Professional Web Design Company Montreal

Q 6. Can you guarantee first position in the search results ?
A 6. No, and no one can. It is possible to get the first position in the search engine results, but there are too many factors to consider in the process that you can not guarantee it.

Q 7. What exactly are site statistics, how to obtain them ?
A 7. Site statistics contain information about your website, traffic, referrers and visitors. Most of the web hosting companies have that service available, and is already included in their price.

Q 8. Do you offer hosting services ?
A 8. At the moment we do not provide website hosting, but we can refer you to one of the companies we cooperate with.

Q 9. E-Commerce what does it mean ?
A 9. E-Commerce is an abbreviation for Electronic Commerce. It allows you to purchase products or services through internet, using credit cards. Professional Web Design Company Montreal

Q 10. What involves web site maintenance ?
A 10. Basically everything what is done to the existing web pages after is published and tested for the first time. We refer you to the maintenance page for more information.

Q 11. How much web site design services will cost ?
A 11. Cost varies depending on what kind of web site do you need, what functionality will the web site have, what kind of interaction with the visitor web site will provide. The more information we have the better we can determine the overall cost of the project. Please send us necessary information with our Price Quote form.

Q 12. What kind of materials do you need from us ?
A 12. Usually the client supplies us with text content of the web site and pictures of the company, services, products, equipment, etc... If you need a web site in more than one language, we offer translation services.

Q 13. Will it be possible to view the progress of web site design process?
A 13. Yes, we will make it possible for you to follow the progress of web site development through the internet. We will either set up the account with password for you to be able to view the web pages or will give you the url of subfolder in which your website will reside during design and development time. Professional Web Design Company Montreal

Q 14. How can we get a domain name ?
A 14. After helping you choose a right name will assist you to purchase a domain name. You buy exclusive rights to use your domain name, this services has to be renewed, because it expires usually after 1, 2, 3, 5 or 10 years, depending of the package you chose. There is a number of companies to choose from.

Q 15. Will you redesign our website ?
A 15. Yes, we will. Among our website design services redesign of the existing website is usually less expensive, and less time consuming than creating an entirely new website.

Q 16. Can you set up merchant account ?
A 16. No, we do not provide this service, we can refer you to few companies which do.

Q 17. I need personal web site will you build it for me?
A 17. Yes, we do create family, event and personal web sites.
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