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During the website design process defining a clear and logical website structure, as well as using key phrases in the site's naming, will benefit in search engine results. It will also simplify the maintenance, modifications and updates.

Key Phrases
Designing your website to be listed on the first pages of the search results requires thoughtful placement of the key words or rather key phrases in the entire website 's structure. That is the reason why we have to determine key phrases to be used in your website, right from the beginning.

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It is our belief that every company has its own unique style that makes it stand out among others. The company's website should match the company's style. The graphical portion of website design requires that there be close cooperation between the client and us.

We will present you with several graphical layout options for your pages. Once you've selected your layout, we will discuss colors, style and any other issues that define the appearance of the site. Designed custom graphics will blend in with the style of the website. Special effects, animations, changing the positioning of the elements, highlighting etc., can also be used during website design step to enhance your website.

Designing the functions to be performed by website on the client machine (client side), and those processed on the server (server side) is another part of logical website design of the application, and it takes place in parallel to the graphical design. The amount of coding used to process information varies from one website to another and depends on what kind of client interaction your website is expected to perform.

A simple website which acts like an online brochure hardly needs any programming, but it gets more complicated when your customer will search your company's database to find the desired product and either reserves or buys it on-line. There are other things to be taken into consideration at this stage: Meta tags (some search engines list the results base on them), frames, forms, tables etc.
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