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Database Development, Database Maintenance

databases development

Since database development moved in the field of database driven websites, businesses discovered the practical advantages of such Web solutions.

Demand for databases that can be modified, navigated or updated through the Internet has increased dramatically in recent years. Just the fact that you can access a database, retrieve information and build on-the-fly Web pages displaying query results with one mouse click, makes database-driven Websites very attractive from your clients' point of view.

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In today's business it is crucial to have easy and fast access to the information contained in your company database. The possibilities in how the integrated database can be used to your company's advantage are countless.

For the three size categories of database development, we mostly use:
- Microsoft® Access: to develop databases that are relatively small and simple,
- Microsoft® SQL™ and MySQL™: to develop medium size databases,
- Oracle®: for the development of complex and larger databases.
Cost increases with the complexity of the database itself and the application used for database development.

Our Montreal database development team builds databases that are easy to operate and are logically designed to assure the most ergonomic work environment. Customized graphics in database's interfaces create a pleasant and undisturbed application in which to work.

We focus our attention to develop databases that are: well designed, easy to use and navigate and look appealing.

Working very close with our clients allows us to create databases that exactly match a company's needs and preferences.

We also offer our services as EXTERIOR CONSULTANTS.
We perform database maintenance either on a contractual or as-needed basis.
Database corrections, modifications and maintenance are charged per hour.